I Am the Photographer

Some of my family came up, over the weekend, to celebrate my grandpa’s grand 100th birthday with him. Food was plentiful, laughs and jokes were in abundance, and fun was had by all … another thing there were plenty of was cameras, and consequentially, pictures. Now, I’ve told you all, I believe, in my first blog post, that I love taking photos. I do not like being in front of the camera.

My family wanted pictures of all of us together, as there were a few who couldn’t make it to town (’cause they live across the country from us); of course, I had to oblige, as it was a big family event. It wasn’t until my sister posted a couple of said family photos onto Facebook. I saw the photo, and I saw how un-flattering it made me look. I used my boyfriend as a “sound board” on this matter, and he said, “If all pictures of us were perfect, there’d be a camera crew, backdrop, makeup artists, etc…” I guess it’s just because of his personality that he has such an outlook on this matter, but it just made me feel worse.

I realize I could ask my sister to un-tag me in the photo, but that won’t make any difference, and I don’t feel it would be a good idea to ask her to take it down just because I don’t look good in it, so I guess I should just “suck it up” and deal with it. I just feel a bit…appalled, I guess (for lack of a better term).

Bottom line: This is why I stay behind the camera, as the photographer, instead of the model.

Until next time, friends. 


2 thoughts on “I Am the Photographer

  1. You’re beautiful, sis. Nobody likes the way they look in photos, which is why image-editing is so popular. But, if you weren’t in those photos, you might wish you were later down the road when you look back on those memories, and I know I’d like to look back on that day and remember you were a part of it too. Love you and you know I’m here as a sound board too.

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