Day of Slush & Wishful Thinking

Yesterday was our first big snowfall of the year (not sure how many inches came down on us, though, exactly). Now, it’s raining, and thus very messy on the roads. As I believe I told you guys earlier, our car was also due out of the car shop yesterday. Well, I guess that’s when the guys at the shop got the parts to fix the car, and that it’d be done this morning…this is what they (the guys at the shop) told us yesterday.

My boyfriend and I got up at 8:30 this morning (early for us) to go grab our car; he (my boyfriend) being the smart person he is, thought it’d be a good idea to give the shop a call before we started trudging thru the snow to go get it. The man at the shop told him that no work was done yet and that it should be done by later today or tomorrow. I was livid. We put our car in there last Friday, and they told us to expect it to be done by Wednesday, and we still don’t have it back…almost a week later! I just want our car back, damn it! Is that too much to ask??

Well, I guess that’s it for today. Until next time!


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