Car Update


I called this afternoon after getting into work, and the guy said, “Oh, the person you need to talk to about your car is out getting parts. Can I have him call you back?” I said ‘yes’ and thus gave him my number & name; he did not call back at all. I tried calling him at around 2:30PM (AKST); it’s now almost 5:00PM. I was hoping to get it back today, and now I’m hoping to get it back before Thanksgiving on Thursday. If we don’t get the car back by then, thank the gods that I have some chicken thighs on standby to eat with my boyfriend, ’cause I won’t be able to make family dinner…(and at this point, I’m totally not in the festive mood to do so.)

This weekend was so friggin’ boring! The only thing we really did was hang out at home, save for going to our local coffee shop on Sunday. I’m so sick of not being able to go anywhere; and the worst part about it was no-one was able to hang out with us all weekend…so what’d we do? Hung out at home, doing chores and playing video games.

I know this turned into kind of a rant, but honestly, it was one of the worst weekends ever.


Until next time!


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