Car Update II & Damn Country Songs

CAR UPDATE Pt. 2: Let’s hope it gets done by this Friday, like the friggin’ stupid-@$$ guy at the shop said it’d be.

…and I hate country songs. Okay, well…I do love country music, but today was not the day to listen to it. The song I’ll Wait for You by Joe Nichols came on the radio, this afternoon; upon listening to the last line of this song, about the old lady who passed while her husband was on his way to see her on her deathbed and ended up dying before the husband got there, made me think of my grandmother. Now, my grandma passed in ’08, just after Christmas. Since then, I’ve never truly been able to enjoy the holidays, or rather, that holiday in general…yet I put on a smile for the rest of the family and fake it. There have been years where all I’ve wanted to do was stay at home and just hang out, semi-forgetting about what day it was. I haven’t been able to do so, and kinda hoped to get it out of my system, this holiday season.

My grandmother was the person closest to me in my family. Hell, she called me her “favorite granddaughter”. She was always there to talk to, tell happy things to, to use as a soundboard, or even to work out inter-family issues. She was also the best secret-keeper. No-one will ever equal her in how close our relationship was. I loved her dearly, and while she lived a long, happy, and fulfilling life, I still wish she was here for Grandpa’s milestone birthday, and the birth of her great-granddaughter (my niece). I really hope that the gods are treating her well, up there. She’s a sweet person, and deserves nothing but the best.

Okay, so now I’m getting a bit emotional…until next time, friends!


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