A Very Merry Christmas to You All!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Well, I know it isn’t Christmas quite yet, but it’s close enough.

What are you all doing for Christmas? I know that tomorrow morning, my boyfriend and I (hopefully) are going to my sister’s for gift-giving and breakfast. That should be fun. Dad and Grandpa should be there, too. My poor boyfriend came down with a cold, the day before yesterday; shivers, cough, and a nose that’s been stuffier-than-normal. If he doesn’t feel well tomorrow morning, he won’t be going to my sister’s with me; he doesn’t want to get anyone sick…especially my little niece.

It’s quite windy here, and very snowy. I guess we’re supposed to get something like 4-8″ of snow tonight. (Not looking forward to that.) Weather site says 35 degrees, currently, with Northeast winds 20-35mph. (Oh jeez….so crazy!)

Anyhow, that’s all for now. I should be getting another post in before the New Year hits.
Take care and have a fun & safe Christmas!

Until next time!


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