Happy (Belated) New Year

A week has officially passed for 2014. How was your New Year’s? How did you spend it?

     I must apologize for missing the New Year’s post train, but I had a good reason. On the morn of New Year’s Eve, a person very close and dear to me passed away. My grandfather, ex-Naval Commander & Mason, best friend & confidant, father & great-grandfather, passed away. I was woken up by a phone call from my dad at 7:45AM, that morning — “Grandpa’s gone…”
     My heart sunk, and that day was filled with tears starting, then stopping, then starting again. My poor boyfriend…he was so worried about me, and did just about everything in his power to make me feel better. That was a tough day; we’d lost my grandma in ’08, and now with grandpa gone…
     I have good memories of them both. Grandpa would always tell us war stories and grandma was always good at keeping secrets and giving hugs. I will miss them. I will miss them both very much. *laughs*…I was their “favorite granddaughter”. I didn’t ever ask for that title — I didn’t even know I had that title until a few years ago.
     So, let’s just say that the end of December will always be tough for me and my family. Please keep us in your thoughts, and remember to stay close with your family.

Until next time…


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