23 Things You Should Never Say To A Barista

Some of these are friggin’ hilarious, while others are like, “Are you freaking kidding me?!”

Thought Catalog

1. “I’ll have one small coffee, please.” *Proceeds to take up a precious table for the next four hours to use the WiFi, while other people are forced to stand and eat their muffins and/or drink their lattes.*

2. “Hahaha, why do you call it grande??? IT’S A MEDIUM!!! Hahaha, that’s so dumb!”

3. “Can I have a dry soy cappuccino?” (Why not just cut to the chase and ask if the barista can empty four boxes of soy milk while foaming for 20 straight minutes attempting to get three solid bubbles?)

4. “One large iced skim cappuccino, please.” (This is not a drink. This is not even close to a drink.)

5. “Hold on, I have to finish my phone call.”

6. “Could I just call the store five minutes before I come in to place my order?”

7. “Sorry, my kid made a little bit of a mess…

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