Care for your Hair!

I will definitely be referring to this often. 🙂

Courtney Code

1. Say Buh-Bye To Heat
We’ve all heard this a million times. We know that constant straightening, curling, blow-drying, etc is bad for your hair. Your job is to go on a hunt for new styles that don’t require heat. Pinterest has a million options and tutorials for you. It may be as simple as changing your hair cut. If you have a hair cut that simply won’t look nice unless styled with heat, it isn’t a good cut for you. You need to let your hair breathe. Use a heat protector to hold you over until you can get rid of that hair cut. Actually, you should be using a heat protector no matter what the case may be. It is very easy for hair to get brittle. After every shower, I flip my hair upside-down and scrunch mousse through it. If I am in a hurry to be…

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