Freak Blizzard, St. Patrick’s Day, and Catching-up…AGAIN!

Hey all!

     I know it’s been some time since my last blog post (two weeks, to be exact…sorry!). This past Friday evening brought a freak blizzard to my area. It was kind of weird and unexpected, seeing as how it’d been warming up and raining for most of the week prior. So my boyfriend and I woke up on Saturday morning to a few feet of freshly-fallen snow. (Damn you, Old Man Winter! Damn you, Jack Frost!) …I was pretty much ready for spring-time before they hit us with that smack-in-the-face.

     This past Sunday was bittersweet because we were supposed to go to a friend’s house to celebrate her oldest daughter’s 2nd birthday, but our car was frozen-shut due to the random cold-snap. It turned out to be a great day, though; my boyfriend and I decided to do our own pre-St. Patty’s Day dinner with the traditional corned beef…but no cabbage, and mashed potatoes instead of boiled. Turned out pretty tasty, we thought. The morning of St. Patrick’s Day, I made us some grilled corned-beef-and-cheese sandwiches from what we had left over from the night before. Again, quite nombly.

     St. Patrick’s Day was odd; I had work, the boyfriend did not, so he was left at home to look after the corned beef we had cooking in the crockpot to bring over to a friend’s house after I got off work. I’m kicking myself now, because I didn’t take a picture of last night’s spread; we had corned beef, boiled cabbage and small red potatoes, corn, beets, and some dark Russian rye bread. What really made the meal special (I thought) was the Limited Edition Cinnamon-Apple Angry Orchard hard apple cider. Now that was good! After dinner was all done, myself, my boyfriend and our friends who’d invited us over for dinner sat and watched an old movie called “Kelly’s Heroes”. It was an all right movie, though the entire time, I couldn’t figure out where I’d recognized the actor who played Oddball from. Guess what! It was President Snow from Hunger Games!!! Donald Sutherland! DAMN, he was young in that movie!!!

     I’m still slowly getting thru Yasmine Galenorn’s Crimson Veil. I don’t want to read it too quickly because the next book isn’t due to be released until this fall! I almost want to write to Yasmine and be like, This fall?! Are you kidding me??? I can’t wait that long! …ya know? Have you guys ever had a book series that you were so enthralled-in, that you just wanted to keep reading the next book, then the next one, etc.?

      Anyhow, I guess I should stop here for now. What books have you guys been reading lately? Anything interesting? Any fantasy/romance book recommendations you wanna send my way? Also, are you ready for spring? I know I am! Bring on the warm weather!!!!!

Until next time!


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