Quick Thought: Why Is Starbucks Bringing ALCOHOL Into Their Establishment?!

Hey guys!

This’ll be a quick little blurb about my thoughts on Starbucks and how they shouldn’t bring alcohol/bar food into their establishment.

As you know, Starbucks is a major coffee franchise that was founded in Seattle, WA in 1971. It’s been all about tea, coffee, and different little coffee shop pastries for the past 43 years. Why change it to a bar scene?

I have seen all over the internet, and upon looking into this story via the Chicago Tribune (http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-starbucks-alcohol-20140320,0,5504011.story), thousands of stores will be expanding their evening menu to bar-type items, such as beer, wine, and bar snacks such as bacon-wrapped dates & truffle macaroni and cheese.

My only reaction to this is…WTF?! I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to have my coffee shop experience be ruined by some idiot who wants to have a beer with his cheese danish. You want that crap, you make it at home. Personally, I go to the coffee shop to do internet stuff and drink my hazelnut breve. Is that too much to ask?? Instead, if I want to go to Starbucks in the evening, I’ll have to deal with either snooty wine-snobs or those who guzzle their beer like they’re in a sports bar.

My final word on this topic: Keep the alcohol in the bars. Us coffee drinkers want a nice, quiet, drama-free environment in which to do our “hipster” duties…whether it be perusing the internet, reading a good book, or journaling.


(What are your thoughts?)

Until next time, friends!


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