Food Hacks That Work: Hot Dogs

I want to try this, the next time my dad plans a BBQ. 😀

Comfort Food Fridays

I can’t quite remember exactly who or where I was first told about this. It was either through BuzzFeed or via le boyfriend. Anyway, ever since this amazing tweak was revealed to me, eating hot dogs has never been the same.

Just by slicing the link in a certain way, you get this really plumped-up version of a typical hot dog. Personally, we prefer to use Hebrew National’s beef franks. We also love making them on the grill, and the wait is entirely worth it.

And best of all, it really doesn’t involve a lot of work. Apart from the hot dogs and buns, all you need to use in addition is a wooden kabob stick and knife.

To begin, carefully slide a single wooden skewer (kobab stick) through the center of the frank. Using a knife, carefully make an incision at one end of the frank and slice diagonally…

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