Green with Envy Simple Chevron

I’ve always wanted to try (and eventually master) this pattern! Now I have the guide to help me do it. Can’t wait to start! 😀

String Theories

Green With Envy Simple Chevron

Est. Time: 1/2-1 hour

Number of Strings: min. 3

This simple pattern is easy to do and a friendship bracelet classic. Start off with as many strings as you would like (the more strings the greater the width of the bracelet). I chose a variety of greens and wanted a double layer of the light blue-green string. Depending on how long you want your bracelet to be, measure out the lengths of the strings. I usually measure out 2-3 arm lengths for a simple chevron pattern. From the middle of the strings, tie a loop knot to form the top of the bracelet.

Arrange your strings matching the left side to the right and begin knotting from the outside in. There are only two different knots used in any basic bracelet. I like to call them the “D Knot”:

The "D Knot"

and the “4 Knot”

The "4 Knot"

From the far left side tie double…

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