Weekend Plans

It’s been sunny this entire week!!! Warm, slightly breezy, and in the 50° to 62° range. This is amazing. I was so stoked to put on sunscreen already this year. (SPF 15 on the face and neck, SPF 70 on the arms.) I can’t wait to go to my first barbecue, go fishing — and hopefully catch something — and have bonfires. Yay for summertime goals! 😀

On to the weekend plans: Tomorrow, there will be a memorial held for my grandfather. Yes, it’s uber-late, but I guess “better late than never”, right? I have some family members who came in from out of town for the event. I don’t know if or how to emotionally prepare myself for tomorrow; I just hope that everything goes smoothly and that I don’t break down. (…I sure to miss both my grandparents, though.)

Then on Sunday, my boyfriend and I will be going to a friend’s house for dinner. I’m pretty excited about that. We haven’t had dinner with this friend in a while (think last summer).

That’s all for now. Tell me, what do you guys have planned for this weekend? Hell, what do you all have planned for the summer? Any goals? Let me know!

Until next time!


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