20 Things to Start Doing…

Yes! This is what my list would look like.

Beauty Tips By Sud

20 things to start doing
  1. Drink a lot of Water and Green Tea.
  2. Eat BIG Breakfast, Average Lunch and a TINY Dinner.
  3. Eat Fruits & vegetables + natural food.
  4. Go for walk/jogging/swim/plank/bike ride/skipping etc.
  5. Read a book or maybe 10.
  6. Go to bed EARLY.
  7. Stop thinking Negative Thoughts about “Yourself” or “Others”.
  8. Don’t Dwell on PAST.
  9. Enjoy little things in LIFE.
  10. Begin Yoga and Meditation.
  11. Don’t “Judge” Or “Compare” with Others.
  12. Avoid processed foods, cold drinks, junks etc.
  13. Listen to some good, soulful music “more”.
  14. Start Dancing “again”
  15. Start Painting “again”
  16. Start Playing or learn some game (even Swimming would do).
  17. Give away things which I don’t need anymore.
  18. Clean my room tidy and start making some “DIY” projects.
  19. Remember that all the efforts you are making now will pay in the end.
  20. GO OUTSIDE more.



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