Book(s) I’ve Finished Recently



This book was interesting. It is a historical fiction, inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo that took place from April 5th, 1992 to February 29, 1996, and the true story of a cellist named Vedran Smailovic.

This story was told by four different points of view: The cellist, a sniper named Arrow, and two civilians who were just going about their lives during the siege.

My Thoughts: It’s a good story; progressed at a decent pace, but slow at times. For being only 231 pgs. long, it’s not lacking in descriptive details by any means.
Favorite Characters: The cellist, Dragan, and Arrow

That’s all for now!
Please, if you read this book (or have already read it), let me know what you think/thought.

Until next time!


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