Combating Thinning Hair: Tips for Hair Regrowth

Beauty Tips By Sud

Hair loss problem

Even after having such long thick hair, today I am left with lifeless thin hair. Reason behind this problem – I would say; MANY… first is stress, change of climate, hard water, irregular food habits, flat irons and hair colors. After experimenting with my hair over these many years I realised I have lost a lot of hair. And now it’s worrying me even more.

Recently I went to a hair expert or I would say a doctor, she told me I am suffering from hair thinning in the crown area. She showed the images where at some area I have hair coming out of one root is two or three but at crown area there is less growth. The matter of worry!!! So what to do? One is go for those expensive treatments which never take the guarantee of hair regrowth and also claims…

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