Simple 25 minute workout

Definitely doable; here’s to getting back on track. 😀


So some mornings when I just don’t feel like going to the gym or busting out the weights, I like to do some simple cardio and core workouts!
It’s more of an all over body workout but I usually try to target one area a bit more than the others and change it everyday as to not wear myself out.

So let’s get started,
I start out my day with a Fat Burning Green Smoothiethen I hop right into this work out

5 minutes of stretching – I like to be pretty thorough with this and usually do dance stretches which I will demonstrate for you in a future post

30 Jumping jacks
7 push ups
10 squats
15 crunches
1 minute wall sit
30 second plank
30 jumping jacks
5 push-ups
7 squats
15 crunches

30 second break

10 crunches
25 squats
15 sit-ups
(This will change daily…

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