Yesterday’s Gym Time

Hey friends!

So, here’s a short report on my time at the gym yesterday evening:

Stair-Stepper: 3 mins.
Treadmill (at 3 mph): 8 mins.
Staitionary Bike: 3 mins.
Bench (Chest) Press Machine: 10×2, 30 lbs.

After the gym, I still had a bit of energy, so I recruited my guy to go for a walk with me. Unfortunately, I found that I might not’ve stretched out well enough, as my thigh was really bugging me, so we only ended walking a leisurely 10 minutes. (On a good note, I found some salmonberries on the side of the trail we were walking, so I stopped for a bit finding the perfect ones to pick and nom on. 😀 ) …if you live in Alaska, you’ll know what salmonberries are.

That’s all I have to report so far. More gym time tomorrow! Got a walk planned for today, and since my leg still sort of hurts, I will do my best to take it easy…or just stretch out real well before my walk.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!
Until next time! ❤


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