Lazy Weekend (Whoops!)

Hey all!

So, I was supposed to go to the gym on (I believe) Friday/Saturday with my sister, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t happen. Instead, I took that as “okay, this is my chance to rest/be lazy”. OMG, you guys…I didn’t realize that lazy feeling was going to last all weekend! On top of that, my boyfriend ended up getting a cold, so I was kinda playing the good-girlfriend role & taking care of him, having him drink off-brand Mucinex every 4 hours.

Yesterday made up for it (at least, I thought so); I was able to go do some laundry at dad’s and then I took my 40-minute walk. Afterwards, my bestie called and said she was “stealing me for the night” to hang out and watch “Naked & Afraid” (newer survival show). Question: Who else has watched this show? Do you like it?


Here’s the workout schedule for this week:

Monday: Gym (6PM – ?) & Optional Walk (30 min. minimum)
Tuesday: Gym (6PM – ?) & Optional Walk (30 min. minimum)
Wednesday: Walk (45 min. minimum) & Dumbbell Work
Thursday: Gym (6PM – ?) & Optional Walk (30 min. minimum)
Friday: Gym (6PM – ?) & Optional Walk (30 min. minimum)
Saturday: Rest? or Optional Walk (30 min. minimum) or Work Out w/ M.
Sunday: Rest?  or Optional Walk (30 min. minimum)

That’s it for now, all.
Hope you’re having a fairly decent Monday. 🙂

Until next time! ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend (Whoops!)

  1. My favorite part about Naked & Afraid is how the guys always seem to be the ones to lose their cool first! They go in acting macho, then a few days in get super pissy and end up drinking bad water or doing something else stupid. It’s such an addicting show to watch!

    • That makes me think of the episode with Puma, or the other one I ended up watching with the she-beeotch (name I can’t remember), or even the one where the dude had a pretty bad sunburn but ended up toughing it out. Oh gosh…poor dude.

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