Quick Update

Hey all!

I feel good today…but that’s not what I’m here to talk about (entirely).

The Good: I got home from work, did all the dishes, folded clothes, did some dumbbell work, and made dinner! (Spaghetti, ho!! 😉 ) Another plus was that I didn’t see my guy till late (about 10PM); that means that he got some great hours at work last night. Woot! (Only down-side to that was that I’d gotten done with dinner about 2 hours & 15 minutes before he arrived home, but thankfully I had a lid to cover dinner & keep it warm.)

The Bad: I did not get to go for my walk, last night. However, I think I was able to keep myself relatively busy, all-the-while singing along to old ’90s songs (“Never Had A Dream Come True” by S Club 7, “Then Ya Gone” by Ashanti, “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw, etc.).

Today’s Agenda: Well, since my sister has to babysit for a friend this evening, I’ll get to go practice throwing darts with a few of my dart team members! …and if I get home early enough, maybe I can snag my guy for a late-night(ish) walk. Wish me luck!! 🙂

Until next time! ❤ ❤


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