Playing Catch-Up & Great News!

Hey friends.

Let’s be honest here for a sec. I did not do much working out at all this weekend, and I feel kind of bad about that. That, and I came to realize that I need some new reliable workout/walking partners. The two I’ve been relying on have their own issues in life to deal with. I did ask my guy, and though yes, he’ll come with me from time-to-time, I’d like for it to be a routine, everyday sort of thing, you know?

Anyhow, on to the great news…my weight loss! In the past month, I have lost:
4.8 lbs.

Oh my god, isn’t that awesome?!? I saw that on my sister’s scale and I was in friggin’ disbelief. Now, this is definitely encouraging. I know that my boyfriend is against having a step-on scale in the house, but I feel it’s a good thing. I will, in that case, be encouraged to weigh myself at least every week/month. Is that a good idea? You let me know down below, huh?

Lastly, I have a new song for y’all to check out…finally!!! I’d heard it on the Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon about two Fridays ago, and I fell in love with the song. (Go figure, I’d heard this song mentioned again by one of my favorite YouTubers, Abb3rz07, over the weekend.) It may not make a lot of sense to you, and some may find it “hippie-esque”, but I really like the beat, and it’s friggin’ catchy! The song is Water Fountain by Tune-Yards. Go check it out and tell me how you like it!

That’s all for now. I hope y’all have a great Monday! 😀
Until next time! ❤ ❤


P.S. — If y’all haven’t tried it yet, go to Subway and get their wild Alaskan salmon. Here’s how I had mine, this morning:

Wild Alaskan Salmon on Italian bread, pepperjack and shredded mozzarella, avocado (before toasting sandwich), onions/spinach/lettuce, light mayo, honey mustard, salt & pepper. OMG SO DELISH!!! ❤

…*ahem*…okay bye! *disappears*


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