More Exciting News!

Hey All!

This is the route I usually take during my walks: Normal Walking Route

Now, what I didn’t realize until yesterday is that route is a little over a mile! (1.22 miles, to be exact!) How did I figure that out, you ask? RunKeeper, baby! Love this new little app.

Anyhow, after realizing this, my friend M (who I was walking with last night) was so impressed, she downloaded the app for herself. She’s so stoked about using it, she wants to walk with me right after work. I’m so excited!

When I get home, I have to clean the apartment with my guy because there’ll be an inspection tomorrow. (Ick!) As long as the apartment’s tidy/orderly while still looking slightly lived-in, I’ll be happy.

Lastly, I got into a strategy game for the Xbox-360. (I don’t mention my gaming loves very much, and if you know me, you know I generally am not a fan of strategy/turn-based games…but this one’s pretty good.) It’s called “X-Com: Enemy Unknown”. You get to fight aliens, research their tech, and save the world. There’s an expansion (I guess you’d call it) that the guy ordered off Amazon recently called “X-Com: Enemy Within” which should be arriving in a few days to a week’s time. Should also note that my aunt’s coming into town for a few days this coming Sunday. So excited to see her! 😀

That’s it for now, friends. I hope you have a great Wednesday!
Until next time! ❤ ❤


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