I’ve Got 100 Followers/Readers?! …And New Achievements.

Hey all!

So while at brunch with my guy, I logged onto their Wifi and found out that…I have officially reached 100 readers!!!!! I feel so proud and full of joy that I don’t even know how to celebrate this accomplishment! Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your day to read my posts! You have no idea how much this means to me. 😀

Last night after work, I went to the track with my friend M. She jogged while I took a brisk walk (as I was mainly there for moral support). Luckily, the weather turned for the better and it was sunny most of the hour that we were there. I made my best achievement so far (even though this is the first time walking the track in a while; track-walking is pretty darn simple) — I walked 2.64 miles in 50 minutes! That in itself was something to celebrate, though still not sure how to celebrate that, either!! Hmm…

Anyhow, I think that’s all for now. Thank the gods today is Friday! I’ve worked a total of 5 days this week; so crazy! Ready to put up my feet and genuinely be able to relax! Seriously!

Until next time! ❤ ❤


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