Quick Update: Weekend & Jogging [Fail]

Hey all.

This weekend was a bit lack-luster:
Friday, we went and did our bi-monthly grocery shopping, then went to our favorite local coffee shop to see a friend of ours, B., and her daughter. That was fun!! That evening, I was supposed to go hang out with my sister & niece (which fell thru); due to me waiting for my sister to get back to me, I missed out on watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my boyfriend (who went by himself because I was hell-bent on waiting for my sister to contact me). Guys, tell me…did I miss anything? I guess that doesn’t matter; I have another bestie, E., who wants to see that movie with me on Thursday. Should be fun. 🙂

Saturday was all right; I feel like we did a whole bunch of nothing, save for going to the thrift shops to do a bit of perusing, and maybe to grab a few workout shirts (seeing as how I only really have one or two). Then we went home and chilled out for the rest of the day for a little bit to get something to eat; then we proceeded to go down to the track where I attempted to jog! Guys, jogging hurts! I didn’t last 30 seconds before my shins started protesting, begging me to stop. That’s why I said I failed at jogging…

Sunday was decent. Went to dad’s for laundry and spent most of that time watching Chopped on Food Network. Went home, chilled out…that’s all.

What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting??

Until next time, guys! ❤ ❤

Quote from one of the episodes of Chopped that I watched on Sunday:

Sinbad: Oh! Polenta! This must be the cheese! I’ll just melt this over the pickled pork lips!

**a few minutes pass — he checks on his “cheese”**

Sinbad: It’s not melting!! *panic-mode*


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