To Wear or Not To Wear?

Am wondering if I should show this blog post to my sister…(she likes getting things from LuLuLemon.)


My obsession with lululemon only continues to grow. The colors, the shapes, materials, it all kills me. I cannot get enough. My piece of advice when walking into lulu the first time? Do not bring your credit card. Seriously. Don’t do it. It’s dangerous territory. No matter how much self control and will power you think you might have, lulu will break you. Sports bras and yoga mats practically jump into your arms in that store. 

However, lately I’ve been conflicted. As you might know, lululemon has had a pretty rough two years. From the founder and former CEO, Chip Wilson, bashing women’s body types, to employee murders and transparent workout gear, it has been an uphill battle for the Canadian based company. Throughout this journey, I have managed to convince myself that the people behind lululemon really have nothing to do with the apparel. What I mean by this…

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