Some of My Favorite Things

This is a post for my friend, Miss Polkadot!

Here is the classic traditional recipe for green bean casserole that’s usually made during the Thanksgiving/Christmas seasons here in the US.
Traditional Green Bean Casserole <–(You should try this sometime!! Super-tasty!)

Also, here is a picture of Otter Pops; they’re a type of popsicle! My favorite ones are the blue ones. ❤


Have a good day, Miss Polkadot!!
And until next time!! ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Things

  1. Oooh, I knew Otter Pops after all:
    Only the name was different for us over here. I think my mum despised these things and my favourite flavour from what I remember was the cola-like.
    The green bean casserole sounds delectable. We can’t get canned mushroom soup or fried onions over here. But it’s no big deal because a) made from scratch is always more delicious and b) I like a good challenge at veganizing dishes so this is great. Thank you!

    • OMG, your Bussy Ice Pops look good! What are the different flavors? Do you remember??

      And I’m glad you’re looking forward to challenging yourself by “Veganizing” this dish. I’d thought it was pretty Vegan-friendly, myself (though I’m not Vegan at all…) but you must post a picture and how you made it here on WordPress. I’d be super-excited to see it!! 😀

      Have a good day, my friend! ❤

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