Warning: Rant Post (Read at Your Own Risk)

Hey all.

I don’t like doing these rant posts often, so I’ll just get right to it:

I got into work, and my coworker had four basketballs out for the kids to play with. Four?!? Why in the hell would kids need that many basketballs? That’s two too much to play bump with (which isn’t allowed in our rec center anyhow, due to reasons), and just…yeah, way too many, in general. I guess that’s why I like my method best. If the kids need something (pool cues/balls/basketball/foosball, etc.), I prefer that they ask me for them. I always only give out one basketball at most. And I always make sure that they are given back to me. No. These kids left, without returning them to me so I can stick them back in the proper place.

Note: These kids are like, middle school age. They should know how to clean up after themselves. Seriously…WTF?!

Anyhow, I guess my rant is over. Those kids are gone now, and if/when they return, I will not give them the basketballs they so love to play with. (Hell, I might not just give them anything to play with.)

Until next time! ❤ ❤

P.S. — I really wasn’t feeling work, today, anyway. Now I know why…


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