Wildcard Wednesday: The healthiest spaghetti ever!!!

I should really try this; would be a great alternative to regular spaghetti.

My own best self

I thought I would share a simple, low-carb, low fat, low calorie healthy recipe with you.

I’ve mentioned spaghetti squash on here before and I think I even mentioned using it as a substitute for regular spaghetti dishes (in fact, I think I promised this recipe over a month ago-ouch!).

I know what you are thinking…really? Good? How can anything like this be good?????

And by no means is this recipe intended to replace any traditional Italian spaghetti dishes. It’s merely a substitute..,when you want to shave some calories and carbs but keep the same great taste ( hey-extra calories for wine).

Trust me guys…try it. It’s simply delicious!

Health benefits:

It’s the time of year for everything squash (besides pumpkin). They are everywhere in the grocery store, in all colors and sizes. Green, orange, yellow…round, oblong, funky shaped…small, petite, and extra large!

But did you know that spaghetti squash…

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