I Need A Schedule

Hey all…

I know I’ve been super-sporadic  with my blog posts — I’m honestly beginning to think that I need a schedule or a freaking reminder on my phone. To those of you who are still subscribed to my blog, I feel so bad for leaving y’all hanging and not giving you any substantial posts. I truly feel horrible. Heck, the main reason I’d started this post to begin with was because I love writing! Ugh! I’m so frustrated with myself!

That all being said, my goal is to blog every week. Not sure what day, as of yet, but I will be sure to mention that in my next post. I will not forget. I owe it to you guys — my readers and friends — to be more consistent.

Life has been crazy (and also very lazy). Work’s definitely had its days where it’ll either be at a super-freaking-slow crawl, or it’ll be fast-paced and hectic. I’m still curious on if I should post a “rant”-type thing here, concerning all of my frustrations that I’ve had recently at work. I feel it’d be therapeutic, but I’m not sure if this’d be the right platform, y’know? There are some people and things that have been irking me quite a bit, lately, and I need to get them off my chest.

Oh! I should mention that my favorite author [Yasmine Galenorn] just released the newest addition to her Otherworld Series. If you haven’t read that series yet, go do it!! Especially if you’re into fantasy-romance books. **ahem**…it’s called Darkness Raging and I’m super-stoked for our local public library to get it in. I love this series so much, and Yasmine Galenorn is such a talented author.

In other “news”, I’ve been really into my Remix Station on my Pandora app. I remember one day, that station was just killing it with good beats. [Also, the Indie/Singer-Songwriter Station is pretty damn good. Such mellow music.]

Anyhow, I guess I should let y’all go. The boyfriend & I are chillin’ at the library, at the moment. I’m thinkin’ we’re gonna head home soon to make some noms. Take care and have a great evening! I will be sure to talk to you guys again soon.

Until next time! ❤ ❤


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