Yay! I Remembered!

Hey all!

So, work has been kind of interesting. Between the new Monopoly game that’s going on (think like McD’s), and then everyone being sick — and thus, us being understaffed — it’s been a bit chaotic. Plus the fact that Sunday was Superbowl…and we were freaking slammed!!! It was pretty bad.

Today and tomorrow, I have off from work, and thank goodness! I’ve been dealing with a cold for the past couple of days. I’m really hoping that I’ll be feeling better before I go back in on Thursday.

I went to the coffee shop today; their internet was pretty shoddy, to say the least…which is weird, because usually their internet is quick and hardly ever acts-up. So like, I couldn’t multitask (ie, YouTube + DeviantArt + Facebook) like I usually do. So, eventually, I went home because I got hungry. I was able to buy myself some tea, and it was soo good! It was called Breakfast Spice tea, and it tasted a bit like Big Red gum. Pretty cinnamon-y, but not overwhelmingly so. Just really good — and it was a black tea! So delicious! But yeah, I walked to and from the coffee shop today; about .98 miles, both ways. Relatively uneventful, but pretty cold. But then again, I guess 38 degrees isn’t that cold.

Last night, my boyfriend and I played Minecraft together on our XBox One, and he asked me to make a house for his village…so I did. And he didn’t really approve because it was–err, is pretty big. So, I made a house out of smooth red stone, red stained glass, iron bars, obsidian, smooth sandstone, and glowstone. I love creating in this game so much. It’s so fun. And I get really ornate with how I build these buildings.

Anyhow, I guess that’s all for now. I hope y’all have an awesome week. And also, if you didn’t catch my Polyvore post earlier this afternoon, I suggest you go give it a gander. Take care!

Until next time! ❤ ❤


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