A Few Things

Hey all!

First off, I have a new song for you all that I really hope you’ll take a listen to on Spotify. It’s called Sarah by Kate Miller-Heidke. It’s really pretty, and the story is kind of unique and haunting. Let me know if you listened to it, and what you thought.

Next, look at this:
coleslawjipperyfuckingkfc(Please ignore my dirty-looking thumb in the corner.) But seriously! I got this last night in my individual dish of coleslaw from KFC. Yes, I love KFC’s coleslaw normally (and I obviously ate this anyhow), but I felt like I got gypped on portion; it was like they took a small-medium ice cream scooper and just dished it in the container like that. It was so little! Usually these containers are nearly busting with content. Nope. Not this time. I was pretty disappointed, to say the least. —End Rant–

Anyhow, this past week went decently. Didn’t hang out with my mom on Mother’s Day (I had work super-early on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week), so you know this girl was wiped out! I’m so excited for today though because my mom’s coming over and I’m making dinner. Can’t wait.

I hope y’all have had a good week. Sorry it’s kind of a “short-and-sweet” post…but that’s all I’ve got in me today.

Until next time… ❤ ❤


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