Oh, Hi!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

It’s been quite some time since the last time I posted a decent entry; even WordPress was sending me e-mails every other day to remind me. I hope you all are having an amazing day, filled with good food, good laughs & conversation, and surrounded by family, whether blood-related or adopted.

It’s been a busy month and a half; I’m a full-fledged cashier now, and it’s been fun. Thanks to my pleasant attitude, I haven’t gotten any “sour apples” (rude customers); I’d like to think that I’m lucky on that part.

The boyfriend seems to really enjoy his new job. It’s not that stressful, and he gets free benefits, which is always nice. I’m so excited for him.

Speaking of benefits, I’m hoping to start getting my health benefits soon from my work; I had to be employed for a whole year before I could sign up for it. I’ll be doing that later tonight. I’m so excited. I need an eye appointment.

The weather up here is sunny and at a cold 45°F. I love this kind of weather; though it’s cool and crisp and makes my bones growly, I really do enjoy it — no bugs!!

I guess that’s all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Oh, and a suggestion: take part of Cyber Monday — don’t bother with Black Friday. It’s chaos and madness at its not-so-finest.

Until next time! ❤ ❤


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