Busy, Productive Day…

Hey all!

I’m just sitting at home, finishing my cup of coffee that I made myself at 6:45am or 7am; I honestly don’t remember. Actually, lemme rewind a bit: the boyfriend and I got up super-early so he could get some coffee before he heads to work at around 7. I couldn’t fall back asleep, and needed to do the dishes, but then I realized that I didn’t have any more dishwasher detergent. I told the boyfriend this, and so we conclude that I need to head to the store ASAP. I get ready to go, and he drops me off at the store — 20 minutes before it opens. I stood outside for a bit and played Gardenscapes (a free game app) while waiting for the store to open. Now, I’m an employee of this store; I had no clue that I could go in early and wait/wander around to find what I needed.

Long story short, I got my things, came home, did my dishes, and now here we are. I still have a long day ahead of me. With the dishes now nearly done, I still have to get dinner prepped and ready for game night (it’ll be a mix of veggies with stewed tomatoes and beef); I’ve asked our hostess to cook some rice to go with the meal. I hope it turns out all right. Oh! And I have to get some laundry ready so that it can be washed later.

Anyhow, I hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day with your families/friends. I also hope y’all like the outfits I posted thru Polyvore. More outfits will be coming soon!! I’ve made a promise to post more “plus-size” outfits, so be on the lookout for those.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the rest of your week!!!!!

Until next time! ❤ ❤


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