Easy Breezy: Alfresco Dining Contest 2017

Easy Breezy: Alfresco Dining Contest 2017

Nobody s Child white crop top
$23 – topshop.com

Circle skirt

Ballet shoes

Layered necklace
$26 – eternalcollection.co.uk

Floppy hat
$16 – very.co.uk

Circle glasses


3 thoughts on “Easy Breezy: Alfresco Dining Contest 2017

  1. I’m totally digging the top 😍 Super cute and unique. Plus the sun hat. Totally an outfit I would like to try someday. Lovely post 🙂 Please feel free to check out my latest post too!! 😘 xo.

    • *squees happily*…yay! I’m glad you like it! This is probably the first (and hopefully not the last) comment I’ve gotten on one of my outfits! Thank you! I’ll definitely check out your latest post asap.

      • Awhhh 😭❤️ I’m so glad to be joining this online community of bloggers. Everyone is absolutely so sweet…having a bad day never feels as awful when I get to read replies/comments from people so I know how you feel 😊

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