Death and Moving On: Summer 2017

Hey guys…

This will not be my like any other post you’ve read of mine (to my knowledge); if you are “triggered” by the subject of death or surrounding this topic, CLICK AWAY NOW. If you choose to stick around, please leave a [constructive] comment below with your thoughts/opinions.

Death is no stranger to my life; I know I’m not the only one who’s dealt with it. I’ve touched on this in a past blog post, I do believe, about where it’s hit me in my life. A year ago (or maybe a couple years ago, now), our family’s dog Soot passed away due to old age. I won’t go too far into it, as I do recall telling you all about this before, but this year…this year…has been something else.

On the 1st of May, my friend K. passed away after a battle with cancer. Now, my family has been touched by cancer/cancer scares, before, but those people weren’t very close to me. I got pretty darn close to K. through her son, actually; we all used to play Dungeons & Dragons (and other tabletop games) together. I remember calling her about recipes, my boyfriend and I got to spend Christmas dinner together with her and her family, and that was amazing. The last memory I have with her is sitting on her bed with a friend as her husband D. did some packing, as they were shortly moving down south. I still think about her, D., and her son A. constantly. I think A. moved shortly before his parents did.

Four days after K. passed away, my sister had her second baby girl, E. She’s so chunky like her sister HG was when she was a baby, and I can’t wait to see how different/similar E. looks to her sister. Sometimes, life just works out that way; death brings you down, and when a new little comes into the world, you are picked back up by your belt-loops, and the dogs just say, “Hey, I didn’t totally screw you over! Look what has been brought in, after the wrench I just threw at you.”

Death touched our lives again, within the past few weeks. My best friends T. & E.’s friend M. passed away, under much more insane/confusing/frustrating/painful circumstances. M. used to own the only bookstore in town (YEARS AGO); it wasn’t very successful, sadly, and when it closed, I was a bit distraught. *ahem*…sorry, not the point. M. was such an amazingly sweet person; no-one saw her death coming, and since then, T. has been throwing herself back into her blog, and I couldn’t be more proud. She’s been so consistent, and she has a natural knack for writing.

Lastly, death touched my personal life just last night. I was informed by my mom that my dad’s dog (who he inherited from my grandparents when grandpa passed), got hit by a car, last night, and died. Mom had texted me and told me that Brute was dead, and that dad was crying whilst burying him in the backyard. At the time, I was at my art night with my friends, but I did send him a text on my way home saying that I’d heard what happened and that I was sorry. Now, mind you, I did tell my mom that it was bound to happen. I know that sounds insensitive, but Brute did like to dart out the door, if we weren’t careful. (I  had a love/hate relationship with that pup, anyhow.)

I guess, as a final note, death can either bring us together or tear us apart. Death is a part of life, confusing as that may sound; a “necessary evil”, if you will, and people deal with it in different ways. Some take to sadness, others anger — some become more productive and throw themselves into mind-centering activities — and there are also people who will develop a morbid sense of humour to help cope. I’m not saying that death has changed me for the better or the worse, but it has changed me. I think after my grandparents passed, I just couldn’t deal, anymore…it’s like I’ve become desensitized to the whole thing. I don’t know. Now I’m just spouting word vom.

I hope you all are having a decent week, and I promise I’ll get back to my normal posts in the next one.

Until next time! ❤ ❤



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