Hey all!

Despite the coffee shop’s Internet being too weak to connect to my laptop properly, I am bringing this blog post to you from my iPhone. (Pretty sad, but whatever works, right?) 

My birthday has come and gone in this past week. (…and no, I don’t feel any older. Thanks, but no thanks, for asking.) That day, I went to breakfast with the boyfriend, then I went to lunch with my friend, T. and had some sushi. It was a pretty good day. The day after, I went to lunch with my parents, and my sister and youngest niece showed up, also. The food was amazing, but the conversation was pretty awful (with one person, in particular). That afternoon, I went to play some D&D-5E with some friends; was treating to a chocolate-iced angel food cake with strawberries. 

Damn, long-winded up there, eh?

*ahem*…anyhow, now I’m waiting here at my favorite coffee shop. Why am I waiting? What am I waiting for? My friend T. and I are going to have brunch today at 11. I’m excited. I was going to create some sets on Polyvore and try to create a video from Crab Festival, this year, but as I said, the wifi is shoddy and it was ticking me off. 

Now I’m sitting here, finishing up this blog post, sipping on water, and listening to my Spotify playlist (currently listening to “Lies” by Marina and the Diamonds). 

I hope y’all are enjoying your week (and summer), so far. Take care. Until next time! ❤ ❤

60-Second Style: Instagram Style

60-Second Style: Instagram Style

Tear It Up: Distressed Denim 2017

Tear It Up: Distressed Denim 2017

Summer top

Alaïa jean jacket
$965 – 1stdibs.com

WithChic patched jeans
$33 – withchic.com

Golden Goose crocs shoes
$375 – net-a-porter.com

Clip earrings
$21 – eternalcollection.co.uk

Cuff bracelet

60-Second Style: The T-Shirt Dress

60-Second Style: The T-Shirt Dress

Miss Selfridge dress

MICHAEL Michael Kors blue flat
$85 – theoutnet.com

Cap hat