Being Sick & Other Fun Things

Hey all..

So, this is how I was feeling, this past weekend…

Oh, c’mon…don’t feel too bad for me. I got lots of rest and some Theraflu, and I think that helped a bit. (Not gonna lie, though…havin’ a case of the sniffles sucks!)

Anyhow, how are you all, this pre-St. Patty’s Day? Today happens to be my friend M.’s birthday, and my niece C.’s birthday also. I guess C.’s mom is gonna be throwing a tea party for her (she’s way-young, so it makes sense.) I’m sure it’ll be cute, and quite exciting. Wednesday, the boyfriend and I will be having our friend M. over for coffee/tea/games, etc.

Tuesday, however, is gonna be awesome! We’re gonna be going to our friends A’s & M’s house for a barbecue! I’m super-excited. I’ll be making a super-simple chicken-avocado salad w/ ranch dressing. I hope it turns out well; I had a request from my friend B. to make it again, since she loved it so much when I’d made it for her wedding.

I’m so stoked for this week’s festivities. What do you all have planned for St. Patrick’s Day? Corned beef/cabbage/potatoes dinner, perhaps? (…darn it, I’m makin’ myself hungry now.)

Well, that’s all for now. I hope to get another post in, later this week. Look for me on Thursday, friends!

Until next time… ❤ ❤


Quick Blurb

Hey all!

I know I haven’t written a legit blog post in some time, so here I am to fulfill that duty. [Okay, so it’s not really a “duty”; I really do like writing. I just don’t always have the means in which to do so…] That being said, how has everyone been?

Next week, my family and I will be getting together in the city for my grandparent’s final send-off [funeral]. I’ll get to see family I haven’t seen in quite some time, if at all. I can’t wait to go, even though it’s supposed to be a solemn event.

Oh, so I woke up this morning and walked outside to go to work (though I was supposed to have today off), and it was so cold!!! Like, the sun was shining and it was a smidge windy, but the sun was not doing its job of warming me. It’s fall already, and I’m so not ready! 😦

Anyhow, I suppose that’s it for now. As I said, it’s just a quick blurb about what’s been going on with me. Hope everyone has a decent Monday.

Until next time! ❤ ❤

Question: How do you get ready for fall?

Happiness Comes From Having Breakfast With Family

Happy Monday, friends!
…what, you said that?! That’s a thing?! A “happy Monday”….?!?!?!

Yes, before you freak out fully, happy Mondays are possible!! How, you ask? Well, it must start with breakfast with family, and in my case, it happened to be my dad.

Since the boyfriend had to be at the boss’s office at 9:30AM to sign some paperwork before he starts work this coming Monday, we got up at 6 to get ready, and then we went to our favorite coffee shop where he treated us to coffee. As the time for him to hit the office got closer, I decided to hit up dad and see if he’d like company for breakfast, and he agreed. We had a lovely chat over pancakes, link sausage, and bacon. Mmm…bacon! …*ahem*………oh, and the Today show.

Now I’m at work, wasting this gorgeously sunny day away. My aunt gets in from out of town at 6:30 tonight, and I’ll be off at 8. I hope I’ll be able to see her before she takes off on Wednesday.

Anyhow, I guess that’s it for now. And to quote my friend Miss Polkadot, my “happiness-inducing today” was breakfast with my dad.

Have a great Monday, friends!
Until next time! ❤ ❤

Getting Crafty This Month & Good News

Hey all!

I know it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything here on my blog, and I apologize about that. This week has been kind of crazy. …don’t wanna get into it.

Anyhow, I have my best friend’s birthday coming up tomorrow, and so I was sitting at home thinking what I could give to her (something from my place), then it struck me that I haven’t really done anything pertaining to my friendship bracelets. A friendship bracelet for B.? With her two favorite colors? YES! Genius idea! […and that’s how it got started.] Today, while I’m working 8 hours (hey, it’s super-warm & sunny outside today; don’t expect many people to come in — don’t judge!) I will be making bracelets for my sister, my friend E., and a coworker. I’ll be working this pattern: Claireabellemakes DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet

…I hope they like it. And I’m making them super-long so they can wrap the bracelet around their wrists more than once, and then secure it with a simple double-knot.

Now for the news:

My boyfriend got a call back from our local swimming pool to come in and start work on Tuesday at 9AM Monday at 9:30AM. So excited for him! I really hope he’s able to stick with this job; it’s stressful when you’re the only one with a job for a while…but anyhow………

Next (and last) piece of news is that I’ll be heading into the big city for four days in October for my grandpa’s big Naval funeral ceremony. I’m hoping to have at least one day to see some friends and go to the mall or whatever, seeing as how in my town we don’t really have many places to shop outside of WalMart.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. What are your weekend plans? Tell me in the comment section, below! Have a great day!

Until next time! ❤ ❤

(OH! …and in case you didn’t already know, the music video for “Bang Bang” by Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J. is OUT ON YOUTUBE!! Go watch it! It’s such a great video! Go on now…go watch!)

Quick Update: Weekend & Jogging [Fail]

Hey all.

This weekend was a bit lack-luster:
Friday, we went and did our bi-monthly grocery shopping, then went to our favorite local coffee shop to see a friend of ours, B., and her daughter. That was fun!! That evening, I was supposed to go hang out with my sister & niece (which fell thru); due to me waiting for my sister to get back to me, I missed out on watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my boyfriend (who went by himself because I was hell-bent on waiting for my sister to contact me). Guys, tell me…did I miss anything? I guess that doesn’t matter; I have another bestie, E., who wants to see that movie with me on Thursday. Should be fun. 🙂

Saturday was all right; I feel like we did a whole bunch of nothing, save for going to the thrift shops to do a bit of perusing, and maybe to grab a few workout shirts (seeing as how I only really have one or two). Then we went home and chilled out for the rest of the day for a little bit to get something to eat; then we proceeded to go down to the track where I attempted to jog! Guys, jogging hurts! I didn’t last 30 seconds before my shins started protesting, begging me to stop. That’s why I said I failed at jogging…

Sunday was decent. Went to dad’s for laundry and spent most of that time watching Chopped on Food Network. Went home, chilled out…that’s all.

What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting??

Until next time, guys! ❤ ❤

Quote from one of the episodes of Chopped that I watched on Sunday:

Sinbad: Oh! Polenta! This must be the cheese! I’ll just melt this over the pickled pork lips!

**a few minutes pass — he checks on his “cheese”**

Sinbad: It’s not melting!! *panic-mode*

Getting Back On Track: Update!

Hey friends!

I hope you’re ready for this news!: I have another workout buddy! My sister and I have finally made a schedule to get together and go to the gym. I have it stuck to my wipeboard at home, currently…I’d post the schedule if I could only remember what it was. Will do that later.

Anyhow, that being said, my sister and I will be going to the gym a few days a week, and the days we don’t go, I’ll be taking my 30-45 min. walk. I’ve gotta admit, I’m pretty damned stoked. This gym time has been in the works for the past three weeks…stupid conflicting schedules.

It feels really good to be able to get back into a routine. Back when we were living in the city, we’d go to Planet Fitness ($10 membership for the win!!!); we were reminiscing on that for a bit yesterday, and how she’d be ready to leave and I wanted just “5 more minutes!” to work out. I’m excited to relive those moments. It might be safe to say that she’s been not only a mentor, but also part of my motivation. I ultimately am getting back in shape for me, but I gotta give major kudos to my sister for being someone to lean on and push me in this.

That’s all for now, friends. I hope you all have/are having a fantastic Monday, and have a great week.

Until next time!

Song of the Week: “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

Getting Back On Track

Hey all!

Well, I’m feeling way better than I was a week ago (stupid cold); that being said, I’m planning on getting back on track a little bit at a time. I’ve planned to go for a walk today, and have even invited my sister to come along with me. I hope she agrees. It’ll be good to catch up with her. I feel like we haven’t really caught up in about a month (conflicting schedules and all that). My only hope is that it doesn’t start raining…

Speaking of family, my niece is now walking!! Yes, she’s a little wobbly, but that’s not a big deal. She’ll get it down. My poor sister…once the little ones start walking, soon it’ll be running, then jumping, etc. I’m so excited though, because that means that my sister will now have a little walking buddy. ❤

The boyfriend and I went shopping this morning for groceries. I’m happy to report that we spent just $.07 over our budget. That made me so happy. We were even able to get some turkey burgers and bratwursts (the latter is what I’ve been having a hankering for over the past week, it being summer and all).

I’m thinking this next paycheck I get will go to music for my phone, and also a pedometer. I’m also going to get back onto MyFitnessPal; by the way, does anyone know what that trail-tracking app is called? Is it FitBit? (Please comment below and let me know.)

Well, that’s all for now. Take care, and I hope you all have a fun & safe weekend.
Lastly, what’re you guys doing for the 4th of July?

Until next time, friends!! 🙂