Hey all!

Despite the coffee shop’s Internet being too weak to connect to my laptop properly, I am bringing this blog post to you from my iPhone. (Pretty sad, but whatever works, right?) 

My birthday has come and gone in this past week. (…and no, I don’t feel any older. Thanks, but no thanks, for asking.) That day, I went to breakfast with the boyfriend, then I went to lunch with my friend, T. and had some sushi. It was a pretty good day. The day after, I went to lunch with my parents, and my sister and youngest niece showed up, also. The food was amazing, but the conversation was pretty awful (with one person, in particular). That afternoon, I went to play some D&D-5E with some friends; was treating to a chocolate-iced angel food cake with strawberries. 

Damn, long-winded up there, eh?

*ahem*…anyhow, now I’m waiting here at my favorite coffee shop. Why am I waiting? What am I waiting for? My friend T. and I are going to have brunch today at 11. I’m excited. I was going to create some sets on Polyvore and try to create a video from Crab Festival, this year, but as I said, the wifi is shoddy and it was ticking me off. 

Now I’m sitting here, finishing up this blog post, sipping on water, and listening to my Spotify playlist (currently listening to “Lies” by Marina and the Diamonds). 

I hope y’all are enjoying your week (and summer), so far. Take care. Until next time! ❤ ❤


A Few Things

Hey all!

First off, I have a new song for you all that I really hope you’ll take a listen to on Spotify. It’s called Sarah by Kate Miller-Heidke. It’s really pretty, and the story is kind of unique and haunting. Let me know if you listened to it, and what you thought.

Next, look at this:
coleslawjipperyfuckingkfc(Please ignore my dirty-looking thumb in the corner.) But seriously! I got this last night in my individual dish of coleslaw from KFC. Yes, I love KFC’s coleslaw normally (and I obviously ate this anyhow), but I felt like I got gypped on portion; it was like they took a small-medium ice cream scooper and just dished it in the container like that. It was so little! Usually these containers are nearly busting with content. Nope. Not this time. I was pretty disappointed, to say the least. —End Rant–

Anyhow, this past week went decently. Didn’t hang out with my mom on Mother’s Day (I had work super-early on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week), so you know this girl was wiped out! I’m so excited for today though because my mom’s coming over and I’m making dinner. Can’t wait.

I hope y’all have had a good week. Sorry it’s kind of a “short-and-sweet” post…but that’s all I’ve got in me today.

Until next time… ❤ ❤

Feeling Productive!

Hey all!

How was your week? Mine went decently (though, yesterday I went home early from work ’cause I was feeling feverish & queasy…ick!).

This work week went by relatively quickly (even though when I’m actually working, it seems to drag on forever!). Sunday afternoon, however, was a different story. The silent hours (first couple hours I was at work) were all right; I was in an oddly chipper mood — then, the church/after-church rush came in. [Disclaimer: I am personally not religious. I do respect all who believe in a higher being “watching over us”. I’ve found over the years that there are good & bad seeds in the religious communities in my town. That being said, if this next part offends you, either click away or skip over it.]

Now, as I said, I don’t hate on people who believe in God. But these people (who I know are religious/go to church) were so freaking rude; one was in a hurry and thus shooed me away from my bagging position, saying, “Oh, I can do this myself.” There were others who were very specific about what items I put into the bags/boxes; now, mind you, I normally don’t mind this — it’s helpful to me as your courtesy clerk — but when you’re speaking in a condescending tone, I’m sorry that will not make me want to do anything to help you in the way of bagging/boxing your groceries. If anything, I’ll imagine sticking heavy things on top of your eggs/bread/tomatoes, etc. Bottom line: Working retail can be a pain.

On a more positive note, today has been pretty productive! I finally got up the gumption to paint my nails! They’re so pretty! I used Pure Ice’s “All Nighter” as the main manicure color & Creative Nail Design’s “King’s Ransom” as my accent nail color. (Picture will be posted shortly.) After that was all dry, I changed out the trash bag, and then did the dishes. For a “lazy day off”, I feel pretty darn accomplished. (Yes, I know they’re little accomplishments, but they’re good! You don’t wanna know how chill I can be on my normal days-off.)

Lastly for today, I’ve eaten pretty healthily so far. I had some Fresh Express Sweet & Crunchy salad mix w/ ranch, parmesan cheese, and two avocados for breakfast along with a cup of coffee w/ hazelnut creamer. Now I’m about to eat a fillet of baked salmon which I marinated overnight in light soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, honey mustard, ground mustard, veggie oil, and pepper (again, picture to follow soon). I’m sure it’ll be delicious; I’m so excited.

Anyhow, I hope y’all are having a good week so far. Take care, don’t take any wooden nickels, and I’ll see you next week.

Until next time! ❤ ❤

(Song of the Day: Drive by The Well Pennies)
…you can find these guys on Spotify.

New Things

Hey guys.

So, I have rekindled an old love…and it’s all thanks to something I thought I wouldn’t like. Guys, I’ve fallen back in love with music. I have the Spotify app to thank for that. Now, I haven’t made any playlists yet, but so far, I feel like the music in my library is so diverse. This is such a good music app.

Right now, I’m in the middle of making dinner; boneless pork chops, to be exact. The guys in the meat department of our local grocery store pre-seasoned ’em, but I decided to add a little garlic salt, pepper, and low-sodium soy sauce. I hope it turns out good.

Oh, I guess I should apologize for not being on-time with this blog post; errands had to be done — the boyfriend had an appointment, we had to get the car insurance card from my dad, and then had to deliver some potting soil to my mom. For a dismal, rainy day, I think we got a lot done; I felt productive. Now, as I sit here, I’m debating on getting a glass of Moscato. Hope it hasn’t turned into vinegar yet.

I guess that’s all for now. And sidenote, I hope y’all have liked the outfits I’ve been putting together lately. Maybe as a “challenge” for next time, I’ll ask y’all to tell me if you’d wear that specific outfit that I’d designed. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Take care & I’ll talk to y’all next week!

Until next time! ❤ ❤