Catching Up…once again.

Hey all.

I know it’s been some time since I’ve posted. Let me just catch you up on a few things:

These past couple of days have been relatively busy; I’ve been helping my dad clean and paint his house to that it’s ready to be shown by his realtor. What’s up, you ask? Well, isn’t it obvious..? He’s moving. Don’t worry, though…he isn’t moving very far away. (Needless to say, I’ve been working my ass off!! It was fun though.)

I’d made Mother’s Day cards last week for my mom and my other adopted moms…they ended up being late, but they loved the cards, anyhow.

My boyfriend surprised me with the announcement that he’d be willing to give up one of his Dungeon & Dragons nights to play darts! That means he’s joining the dart league!!! I am one very happy girl!! 😀

Speaking of the dart league, this season just ended this past Saturday with the dart banquet. It was so yummy and there was so much good company! Gotta thank the local school cooking club for providing the dinner at the last minute!

Due to some issue with the bank, I ended up getting some extra money. Who isn’t happy about that kind of thing?!

I’ve been feeling inspired to be more artsy, thanks to going over to help dad with painting. (While at dad’s, I found some of my old artwork from college. Now I just need to find a big art portfolio to put ’em in…)

Book I just finished reading: Invisible by Carla Buckley
Book I am currently reading: Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

I guess that’s it for now. Nothing left but to put down some new favorites:

  • “Frozen” — Yes, I know, it’s the latest hype and everyone’s probably sick of it by now, but I can’t help but love the songs “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build A Snowman?”.
  • …speaking of that last song…there’s a spoof cover on YouTube called “Do You Want to Go to Starbucks?”. Go check it out! You will laugh!
  • “Elders React” and “Teens React” on YouTube. (Thank Crystal!!)
  • Sunscreen!!! (SPF 15 on face and neck, SPF 70 on arms)
  • Small butterfly hairclips (Gotta pin the hair off my face somehow.)
  • “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele
  • “Human” by Christina Perri
  • American Pickers on the History Channel (…still not sure why I like these guys.)
  • Elder Scroll V: Skyrim (Unfortunately, I have to kill my Khajiit character due to glitches. Maybe I’ll be a dark or high elf…? What do you guys think?)
  • “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore
  • “The Walker” by Fitz & The Tantrum
  • New Starbucks Drink: Teavana Black Tea Lemonade (Seriously. If you guys haven’t gone out to try it yet, go do it! Do it now! Do it quickly!! Blarg!! <–said in a crappy Schwarzeneggar voice

That’s it for now, guys. Until next time!


…stay tuned for my “Summertime Bucket List”!!