Random Thoughts (Mini-Rant)

You know what I’m not a fan of? Allergies. Whether it’s a food allergy, an allergy to plants, or mold, or pets, it doesn’t matter. Allergies are a pain in the ass, and should not exist. I couldn’t imagine not being able to cuddle up to a cat or a dog. I love being able to smell freshly-cut grass and the different flora (foliage/flowers) around me. I can understand being allergic to white/black mold, but I’m talking edible mold, like mushrooms or even some cheeses; and on the topic of food, I know people who are allergic to shrimp, cinnamon, strawberries, milk, peanuts…EVEN SOME MEATS!! The reason I speak out about this is because my boyfriend has an allergy to pet dander and also to plants/pollen; I feel that this is sad/unfair (though I know he isn’t at fault for said allergies), because he is unable to hang out at any of my family members’ houses for very long due to the fact that they have animals.

Another thing I don’t understand is if you have an issue with someone or even a certain situation, do not think it’s all right to vent about it to someone you barely know (ie, a coworker). Keep quiet about said issue and wait until you get home to vent; you can vent to your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or hell, even your pet. Keep personal problems away from strangers. They don’t wanna hear it. Trust me.

Lastly, (and on a good note) IT’S WEDNESDAY! I have the day off from work tomorrow (which I’m stoked about) and I get to change the color of this ugly-ass nail polish I’ve been sporting for the past week — Pure Ice’s Twinkle. I don’t know what it is about this color that I don’t like, but I’m thinking that it’s the fact that I think it looks more pink-y than orange, or that it’s not the right color for this season, or it’s just not meshing with my skin tone. I don’t know; girls, pull up Google Images and look up the nail polish color. Tell me what you think about it; honestly, I’m glad it’s not a nail polish I personally own — I borrowed it from a good friend of mine.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m working right now, but will be getting ready to close up here in a little less than an hour. I hope you all have a good Wednesday, a great rest of the week, and also a fun/safe Halloween, next week.

Until next time…


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