Garlicky Chicken Bacon Ranch Alfredo

Made this recipe with the adjustments listed in the photo below.

If y’all do try this out, comment below and lemme know how it turned out!

Until next time!! ❤ ❤


For Tamie 2018

For Tamie 2018

Lanvin laced up top
$1,045 –

Blue jacket

Levi’s elastic-waist jeans
$120 –

Lucky brand jewelry

My Roasted Potatoes

I hope I haven’t shared this recipe here yet, and I hope it wasn’t very recently, if I did.

Made with equally eye-balled amounts of:

Black pepper

Garlic salt

Garlic & Herb no-salt seasoning

Bacon & chive no-salt seasoning

Italian blend seasoning

Bacon-ranch dressing

Yellow mustard

Honey mustard

Olive oil


Minced garlic

Place marinade in a large freezer bag with your cut-up potatoes (I don’t bother with washing them) — shake vigorously till everything is coated. Bake at 350°F (176.66°C) for 35 mins.

Spring Semester 2018

Spring Semester 2018

Red purse

Bangle bracelet

Green earrings
$28 –

Earphones earbud

Happy 2018!

Hello All!!

First off, happy freakin’ 2018!
Life seems to have been so busy/hectic and lazy at the same time; work is still a thing, as is chilling out with friends when possible. I last spoke with you guys in December. Safe to say that life gets away from me really easily, and I am no longer apologizing for that. Most of you have been here long enough to understand that I am so inconsistent here, and you’re still (at least, I hope) reading my blog — and for that, I’m superappreciative!!!

On January 23rd of this year, my area was shaken by a 7.9M earthquake, followed by a tsunami warning. It was so, so scary; my dad was around for the 9M earthquake in 1964 and it was, from what he told me, pretty insane. I never thought that I would go thru that in my lifetime…ever. BUT!!! Nothing happened; no catastrophic waves, nothing. Just a lot of sirens, about a minute of ground-shaking, and people rushing to the tsunami evacuation designated areas. Luckily, the boy and I were above the evacuation line (100ft above sea level), so we were fine. [He was playing a video game with his best friend in Wyoming while I was freaking out…haha.] The entire town was like a crowd of sleepy zombies; it was amusing, but I didn’t recover from the experience until a week and a half afterward.

Now, let me tell you about the craziness that was Monday at work. I signed on, and was assigned to one of these express lanes. I took a look at my schedule to see when my break was, and was relieved to see that an hour after I was to get back from my break, my coworker H. was supposed to come to my register and take it over. She ended up relieving our other coworker, B., and didn’t even bother to come to her assigned register. I even told her that she was supposed to be on my register, but she said, “No,” and proceeded to work on the register behind me. I could feel her smirking smugly at the back of my head. I was stuck on the express lane for my entire shift (a whole 8-hours)!! I was seriously so upset; I didn’t report it to the manager, but when I told the bf about it later, he said I should’ve spoken up.

These past two weeks, I’ve been super-restless; my D&D group hasn’t met up for a game in that time, and I’m kind of going nuts and am a little sad. I love my social time; I miss my friends. Being at work and around my community doesn’t count. So today, I’m working on this post (also, stay tuned for a fashion post or two), and painting my nails for Valentine’s Day. I honestly can’t think of anything else to do with my time.
(Also, in the past 3 weeks — or so it feels like it’s been that long — my art night group that meets on Sunday evenings hasn’t been coming together either due to sickness and conflicting schedules. UGH!!!)

  • YouTube Channels I’ve Been LOVING!:
    — My Best Friend Jes, or JesReadsBooks. She is so sweet, so awesome, and has recently delved into the vlog scene on her channel, which is a great addition to her normal book-tubing.
    — Ashley’s Vlog Channel: She’s so smart, so relatable, very “no BS” kind of person. I love watching her vlogs, and her friend Steph is also pretty darn awesome.
    — Jenn-freaking-Im!: She is such fashion goals, life goals, oh my gods, I love her.
    — Abby Williamson, as usual…
    — My girl, Loey!
    — Sarah Hawkinson for fashion & real-talk
    — And last but not least, my girl Cassie. (The link is to her main channel where she does product reviews, but she does have a toy collecting channel as well as a muk-bang channel, if you’re interested in checking those out, as well.)
  • Spotify Playlists I’ve Been Into!:
    — Ultimate Indie
    — My Discover Weekly
    — Abby Williamson’s Songs of the Day Playlist
    — Atmospheric Calm (mostly for napping)

Well, I think that’s all for now. Fashion posts to come shortly. As always, thank you all so much for sticking with me and for continuing to read my blog; it means so much to me. Happy 2018 to you all; may it be the best year ever.

Until next time! ❤ ❤