201 Blog Followers/Subscribers!??!?!

Hey all!

Today, we reached a pretty darn amazing milestone, here on my blog. As of this afternoon, my follower/subscriber count has reached 201!! I’m so freaking stoked. Thru my sporadic blog posting schedule and all of my crazy-random posts, I keep gaining truly invested (at least, I hope) readers, and that makes me so freaking happy.

When I first starting my blog, I wanted it to be a place where I could vent and maybe upload some personal poems, recipes, etc. That expanded to being a bit more than just that.

I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday; the weekend is just around the corner for most of us…for me, today’s my Sunday. D&D has been cancelled, so I think I’m gonna keep vegging out and watching YouTube.

Oh!!!! But a bit of good news! My friend C. came back home from Kentucky, and I’m so freaking happy. I can’t wait to see her.

Okay, now I’m done. Thanks again so much for the follows.
Until next time!! ❤ ❤


After-Work Coffee Run

After-Work Coffee Run

Band jewelry

Barbour felt hat
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Blue, Black, and Gold Holiday 2017

Blue, Black, and Gold Holiday 2017

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The Fashion Blogger

The Fashion Blogger

The Red Glove Society

The Red Glove Society

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Not Just A Blurb

Hey all!

First off, let’s welcome back my friend Momma Tama, as she’s been MIA for some time, here on WordPress. Glad to see her writing again; please take the time out to read her most recent post, when you get the chance.

Thanksgiving was really good; the boyfriend and I had pizza for dinner, and then my mom brought over some leftovers (which only ended up lasting a total of two days). In the week leading up to Thanksgiving [in small-talk at work with customers], I made mention of my dinner plans, and one woman who comes in pretty regularly had quite the snarky retort, saying, “What, he [meaning my boyfriend] doesn’t cook?”
Now, a day after we had that interaction, I realized just how rude she was being, with that remark. Later on, a friend had made it known to me that maybe she wasn’t being a tart old ninny; maybe what she meant was that she was surprised that we weren’t having an extravagant traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. To be honest, we don’t have the means with which to be extravagant; that, and it’s just the two of us — we don’t need all that food…too many leftovers!! …so, that was a thing.

Coming out of Thanksgiving, things were all right. At work, things have been a bit crazy; this past Sunday was the worst. I was cashiering at the furthest express lane in our store, and was getting backed-up with customers in my line. Three times, I tried using my phone to call for extra cashiers; my phone was dead — there was nothing I could do, other than to tell the people in my line, “I’m sorry about the wait,” and, “thanks for your patience.”. A lot of people were understanding, but I was still stressed as all get-out. Now, mind you, there were two main-line checkers behind me, and they were swamped, too. I’d called back to one of them to call up our manager to help relieve the chaos, but she didn’t. It was the first time since I’d starting cashiering (a little over a year, now) that I’ve felt so helpless.
Yesterday went so much more smoothly; I got off work at 4p, hung out with the boyfriend for a bit, then went to take a nap because I was exhausted. This morning, I slept in till about 10:30a, and it felt so nice. I think soon I’ll need to put in for some vacation time; not really leaving the town of which I live, but allowing myself to get some errands done and just relaxing and letting my body recuperate.

So now, I sit here watching the boyfriend play Destiny 2 with our friend Z. and drinking some Swiss Miss hot cocoa. I hope you all are enjoying your week, so far.

Until next time! ❤ ❤

Upcoming!: Polyvore Fashion Posts!!

“Muddy Pork/Paprika Pork”

“Muddy Pork” (Paprika Pork)

Pork stew meat, ground pepper, garlic salt, olive oil, paprika (lots…lol), lemon juice, rosemary, chili powder, & teriyaki sauce. This was made with a side of oven-roasted potatoes.

**Note: When adding the paprika, DON’T do what I did; use the sifter side of the lid, not the “dump” side.**