Early Fall Night Out 2017

Early Fall Night Out 2017


Storytime: Late-Night McDonald’s Run & 2 Songs I’ve Been Loving

Hey All,

So late last night, I was really craving McDonald’s; the boyfriend was playing Destiny 2 with his best friend Z, so I kind of had to interrupt his gameplay, but we were both hungry, so I didn’t feel so guilty. I slapped on some clothes and took the boyfriend’s car keys to get the car warmed up. As I was out there, I set up one of our old iPods and our little bluetooth speaker and sang along to my favorite songs on that iPod, “Something About December” by Christina Perri & “Dear No One” by Tori Kelly. There was a young lady in a truck parked next to us in our apartment complex’s parking lot, and the entire time I was in there waiting for the boyfriend to come out of our apartment, I swear she was staring at me. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to belt out their favorite songs when it comes on the radio/playlist.)

Anyhow, later, we make it to the drive-thru, order, and are notified that the fries/hashbrowns we ordered are gonna have to be made fresh, so it’ll take a few minutes; as we were waiting, the line of cars got three-thick, behind us, and someone honked out of impatience — I then had the boyfriend lock the doors because I got paranoid. Luckily, a few minutes after the honk sounded, the lady working the window came back with our order and we drove off. I hate when people honk; like, everyone is getting their orders in due time. It’s not our fault that we had to wait — and also, if you didn’t want to wait, then why the hell did you come through the McDonald’s drive-thru?? **Ugh, stupid impatient people get to me, sometimes.**

The rest of the night went pretty well; the boyfriend went to bed about an hour after we got our food, and I stayed up till about 2:30a watching Bii’s Vlogmas 18/Massive Q&A in which she answered both of the questions I posed to her via Instagram & Twitter. (I was so thrilled, I sent her a huge gushy thank-you post on Twitter…lol.)

I hope you all are enjoying your week, so far. Today would’ve been the day to go get my monthly pedicure with my friends E. & Momma Tama, but due to schedule conflicts & budget issues, we’re not able to make it happen this month — maybe next month will work out in our favor.

Until next time! ❤ ❤

Untitled #9

Untitled #9

Jelena Bin Drai blue shirt
$265 – wolfandbadger.com

Sans Souci brown jacket

Sans Souci short skirt


Crossbody purse

Mint Velvet mitten glove
$47 – johnlewis.com

Holidays: Missing People, Being Lazy, 3+ WEEKS W/O GAME NIGHT?!

Hey all!!

Well, it’s the holidays; December, to be exact. If you know me personally, you’ll know that December’s always been a rough month for me. Hell, this year alone was full of rough points, too…including a dear friend’s passing.
Holidays also bring people back into town to spend time with their families; people like my bff K., H., and my friend L. I can’t wait to see them all. It’s been SO LONG since the last time I saw K. & L. I really hope that they’re able to hang out some.

Me?? Lazy?! …well, yeah. I have been super-lazy. I have no real reason to not hang out with my bff Momma Tama, but for the past three-plus weeks that there hasn’t been D&D/game night, I just haven’t picked up the phone and said, “Hey, let’s hang out today!” I feel like it’s been nice just chillin’ at home, but honestly, being busy is probably super-good for me, and I really miss hanging out with her — I hope that D&D actually happens tonight. It’ll be really good to see everyone again.
And yes, you heard me correctly; we haven’t been together for game night/D&D in 3+ weeks!!!!! It’s super-sad. I miss everyone! Between work schedules getting in the way and people getting sick…and then one of us going on a mini-vacation, it’s been a bit crazy. Tonight should be super-fun…I hope.

Anyhow, I hope y’all have been enjoying your week, so far. I’m just sitting here watching Bii’s Vlogmas, sipping on Costa Rica blend coffee with International Delight Reese’s creamer and nommin’ on macaroni & cheese — don’t judge me; I’m hungry.

Until next time! ❤ ❤

201 Blog Followers/Subscribers!??!?!

Hey all!

Today, we reached a pretty darn amazing milestone, here on my blog. As of this afternoon, my follower/subscriber count has reached 201!! I’m so freaking stoked. Thru my sporadic blog posting schedule and all of my crazy-random posts, I keep gaining truly invested (at least, I hope) readers, and that makes me so freaking happy.

When I first starting my blog, I wanted it to be a place where I could vent and maybe upload some personal poems, recipes, etc. That expanded to being a bit more than just that.

I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday; the weekend is just around the corner for most of us…for me, today’s my Sunday. D&D has been cancelled, so I think I’m gonna keep vegging out and watching YouTube.

Oh!!!! But a bit of good news! My friend C. came back home from Kentucky, and I’m so freaking happy. I can’t wait to see her.

Okay, now I’m done. Thanks again so much for the follows.
Until next time!! ❤ ❤